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We used an oxymoron to make the most of it and that is the essence of our product.

new  traditional  comfort food

changing "The uncomfortable  truth"  that you can't cook Italian cousin without products from animals. 

What we do is make our food accessible to everyone (meat eaters, vegans, vegetarians, lactose free, gluten free etc etc ...)  Food that you thought you  could never tasted it again.

New Traditional Comfort Food is the tradition that is hand by hand with innovation. transforming it self in a completely new cuisine, the vegan Italian , with all the flavors  and perfumes  home.


In conversation with our customers, we want to reiterate the great difference between a plant based diet  and a vegan lifestyle.

veganism is reflected not only on food, but also on clothing, the choices regarding the small everyday things such as detergents, toothpaste, toothbrushes, sponges, waste and the world of the "second hand".

It is starting from this assumption that Horacio Trattoria, not only works to spread the Italian tradition in a totally cruelty free way, but also to achieve what is its ultimate goal, that is to create a space in a rural area, to cultivate, where to conduct workshops. , and to establish a sanctuary for animals, thus creating a cycle of information and education to make life better for animals of all kinds and the ecosystem as a whole.

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