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Our menu consists of different parts, making the Trattoria quite versatile in satisfying the most diverse cravings for Italian cuisine.

Divided into sections such as "Dinner" - "Pizzas" - "Sweets" - "Ice creams" - "Cocktails" - "Craft Beers" and "Wines" it is possible to meet the "Best Seller Prezenzialisti" and

"The special guests".

There is something for everyone.

Always with us

In these two years of running-in, some dishes have established themselves as Best Sellers because they are “always in demand”.  

Well prepared to learn and listen to the advice of our guests, giving them the importance they deserve, according to the requests they entered by right as "always present":

La Caprese - Bruschetta among the starters;  

the classic Spaghetti with fresh tomato, Lasagna and Potato Gnocchi (also available Gluten Free) among the pastas and  

the eggplant Parmigiana (season permitting) among the latter.  


However, always in constant evolution, we did not stop there.


To integrate the "always present" are the various dishes of the day from appetizers to desserts.

Dishes strictly of the Italian Tradition, veganized after careful research, many tests (including many failures), and long phone calls with the mother to steal form her the elements that makes the taste so special.

In rotation every 3 weeks, with the most scrupulous respect for seasonality.

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